Many shallow wells within Hillsborough and the adjoining counties are high in iron content, causing staining on wallls and other  concrete features.  The proper installation of a Rid-O-Rust System minimizes the impact of the iron during the course of the scheduled irrigation cycles.  The process consists of taking a water sample to determine the correct system and product dosage.  Upon installation the system will need to be serviced every 30 to 60 days.  We install, repair and service Rid-O-Rust water treatment systems.     

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                                                                   a landscape service company

We Offer Specialized Contractor Upgrades.


If you are looking for a hardscape feature for enhancement or functional purposes we can help custom design and build what it is you are imagining.  This includes planters, retaining walls, enclosures and many other wooden features.  We use pressure-treated lumber and appropriate fastners to ensure the featue we build is both functional and durable.  Each project has its own individual look.  Some of our features are more than 15 years old - still serving the intended purpose and gracefully aging.



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